Bakersfield Bound


Wayne "Wildcard" Miller - Band leader and frontman, lead vocals, guitar, and mandolin

Wayne "Wildcard" Miller is from an old California family, and is the "real deal" when it comes to California country music and the "Bakersfield Sound". Wayne was widely known as one of the top country singers in Southern California.

For several years Wayne was a vocalist for the popular California country rock band "Red Hot Roosters" before forming the critically acclaimed country rock band "Country Roots" in 2007. "Country Roots" was comprised of top California country musicians and performed in Las Vegas, opened for famous country acts at major venues, and performed throughout the Southern California "honky tonk" scene. Wayne was the leader, "frontman" and lead vocalist of "Country Roots" for seven years.

After relocating to Indianapolis, Wayne formed Bakersfield Bound from highly experienced country musicians as a homage to the "Bakersfield Sound" and California country.



Kim Gradolf - Lead guitar and vocals

Kim Gradolf started playing guitar at the age of 11. His guitar heroes are Marty Stuart, John Jorgenson, James Burton, and Clarence White, among others. Kim is a veteran of various bands throughout the years, including the popular south Indiana band "The Broken Arrow Band".

Kim Gradolf has got the "chickin' pickin'" style of Bakersfield lead guitar playing down pat! Kim is also a solid vocalist. 


Gene Trueblood - Pedal steel guitar

Gene is recognized as one of the top pedal steel players in the Midwest, and has vast experience performing in numerous bands. His hot pedal steel licks sound straight out of a Bakersfield honky tonk!

Bobby Burns - Electric Bass and Vocals

Bobby Burns is a highly experienced and versatile bassist, as well as a fine vocalist. Bobby has played in bands in Indiana and south Georgia for over 30 years, and is a great lover of the "Bakersfield Sound".